viapy documentation

VIAF via Python

Python module for interacting with VIAF (the Virtual International Authority File) data and APIs.

viapy provides optional Django integration; this currently includes a django-autocomplete-light lookup view and a VIAF url widget.

Python 3.5 / Django 1.11

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Use pip to install from GitHub. Use a branch or tag name, e.g. @develop or @1.0 if you want to install a specific tagged release or branch:

pip install git+

Configuration for use with Django

Using viapy with Django requires additional configuration. Add viapy to installed applications along with the needed django-autocomplete-light modules:


Include the viapy urls at the desired base url with the namespace:

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^viaf/', include('viapy.urls', namespace='viaf')),

Development instructions

This git repository uses git flow branching conventions.

Initial setup and installation:

  • Recommended: create and activate a python 3.5 virtualenv:

    virtualenv viapy -p python3.5
    source viapy/bin/activate
  • pip install the package with its python dependencies:

    pip install -e .
    pip install -e ".[django]""

Unit Testing

Unit tests are set up to be run with py.test

  • Copy sample test settings and add a SECRET_KEY:

    cp ci/
  • To run the tests, either use the configured test command:

    python test
  • Or install test requirements and use py.test directly:

    pip install -e '.[test_all]'


Documentation is generated using sphinx. To generate documentation, first install development requirements:

pip install -e ".[docs]"

Then build the documentation using the customized make file in the docs directory:

cd sphinx-docs
make html

When building documentation for a production release, use make docs to update the published documentation on GitHub Pages.


viapy is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

©2017 Trustees of Princeton University. Permission granted via Princeton Docket #18-3449-1 for distribution online under a standard Open Source license. Ownership rights transferred to Rebecca Koeser provided software is distributed online via open source.

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